Commercial Painting Company

Painting should be considered a regular part of maintenance for residential and commercial buildings. Maintaining your property not only looks more appealing aesthetically but it can also draw in positive attention to your business. Improving your store front is a great way to generate new business revenue and give your company an advantage over competing businesses in the area. A poorly maintained exterior is likely to give your business a negative first impression. If you research negative reviews on directories such as “Yelp” you will realize that negative reviews don’t always mean poor service or bad products. If your building is in bad physical shape it could be ruining your online review reputation. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint could give your business the boost it needs.

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider keeping your commercial building freshly painted and well maintained:

1) Regulation Codes- Meeting regulations is one of the most basic reasons for repainting a commercial building.

2)Safety- Safety concerns are another basic reason for repainting a commercial building. Repainting the parking area keeps traffic flowing smoothly and safely, and helps insure a pleasant customer experience.

3) Exploring Avenues For Growth- Taking a business into a new direction may require you to change the appearance of your facilities. Repainting the interior and exterior of a commercial building is a fast way to reinvent a business and add face value.

4)  New Ownership- If you have recently acquired a new commercial building, repainting the building is the perfect way to signify to potential customers that the building is under new management.

5) Cost Effective Renovation- Compared to replacement of materials, painting a commercial building is very cost effective.

6) Faded Paint- You may need to repaint your commercial building when colors start to fade or discolor. Although exterior building paints are made for durability sun light breaks down the coating’s structure and causes the color to fade or change over time. Repainting your commercial building gives the building a major facelift and a fresh appearance that appeals to potential customers.

7) Add Value To Value- To add the most value to your asset with minimum expense. In addition to being cheaper than material replacement, repainting a commercial building helps improve the value of your facility.

8) Failing Paint- Is your paint failing on your commercial building? If you answered “yes” to this question then its definitely time to repaint your commercial building. The first sign of paint failure is blistering and bubbling which will eventually lead to cracking and peeling. Generally poor surface preparation lies behind most paint failure, although some paint failure could also be due to using cheap or improperly mixed paints. Using the wrong type of paint for a given surface can also lead to paint failure.

9) Customers Tend To Judge On Outward Appearance- Customers are likely to notice the condition of your building and then begin to form first impressions about your business before they’ve had any personal contact with you. Your potential customers may look elsewhere if they form a negative image of your company based solely on the outward appearance. Business owner’s who keep their buildings on a regular schedule of up-keep tend to be viewed as organized, professional, and more successful then businesses who don’t. A run down building is often a sign of poor management or a failing business. When a commercial building is well kept it gives clients an impression that your business is thriving and customers are naturally more attracted  to a successful appearance then a failure.

10) Tax Deductible- Best of all painting your building is a business expense which can essentially be a tax write off! Why not receive all of the benefits of keeping up the appearance of your commercial building AND have a tax deduction to claim at the end of the year?

If you’re interested in painting your commercial building contact us today to schedule an estimate at no cost to you!